Monday, April 7, 2008

Daily's-April 7th, 2008

Today in USA history
5,000 suffragists march to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. , seeking the vote for women.

Here’s a novel idea- let’s take all these worthless, obvious predictable studies, throw them out the window,not waste the money or time it take to do them and parents can just use a little something called common sense -Study ties bedroom TV to unhealthy habits in teens

An actor who was an actor and a man, unlike some pretty boys of Hollywood today

Frivolous lawsuit of the week

What is wrong with this headline?: School Bill Would Force Parents To Volunteer

More from Gubment schools
Dad challenging 'manipulation' of kids'Their little minds should not be the battleground for culture wars'

And even more ‘bout Gubment Schools…..
“it's perfectly reasonable to strip-search a 13-year-old girl suspected of bringing ibuprofen to school,”

Self Sufficiency reporting From the NY Times?

Democrats' patriotism problem.

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