Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sharin' the Love

Yesterday "big oil executives" were asked by two members of Congress to share share their windfall profits with the poor people of this country in order to help them with their heating bills in the winter and the costs that they will incur for transportation this summer. Olympia Snowe (R) of Maine and Jack Reed (D) of Rhode Island now apparently believe that it is the responsibility of private companies to support the poor and underprivileged of America. Windfall, windfall, windfall, forget that the profit margins have not increased, let's demogogue the profits that Hillary wants to take away and help support her socialistic plan for this country. Of course private companies should assist the downtrodden, it takes a village right? This problem has gone far beyond the limitations of government, so now let's put the yoke of government entitlements around the necks of private companies. This kind of idiocy is moving this country into dangerous territory, even more dangerous than we are in now economically. Of course this request was couched as a voluntary program (for now anyway), and the execs responded by saying that they believed that Congressional sponsoring of this handout is more appropriate. Could it be that both are wrong? Wait a minute, doesn't the ever charitable Citgo provide oil at discount prices to poor areas of the country? Come on Hugo, step up the handouts here we got poor people dying on the streets, and starving to death with nowhere to go because they can't afford gasoline. What? Walk? Ride a bike? Is their a government subsidy for that? Well, maybe Exxon will decide to gear up that voluntary program, we should all have a tiger in the tank!

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