Monday, April 28, 2008

What will Al Gore do now??

According to a story over on Newsmax there is a scientist that is saying forget global warming, the new concern is global cooling. Haven't we already been down this road? Have we not already worried about a little ice age a few decades ago? What is the reason for this renewed concern? What is the evidence? Sunspots, or rather the lack thereof. There is a picture that the scientist refers to which shows the sun without any sunspots. Ok....and? Well apparently, there is a correlation between sunspot cycles and the earth's climate. The website has way more than you probably care about with regard to sunspots and what they mean in relation to weather. I don't want to get off in the weeds on the science of this, mainly because I can't. I'm not a weather guy, the point is we no longer use the term "global warming", it's now referred to as "climate change". Why is that? Because global warming is BS, and this is starting to take hold one small step at a time. Of course, if we can finally discount this myth then there must be some other crisis that we have to deal with. And this may be it, a recycled global crisis from a few decades ago. The shift in the terminology to "climate change" is a hedge, the inconvenient truth bandwagoneers have cleverly placed this "out" so they can keep the "crisis" going. Just think how we could inflate this crisis to include the ramifications of global cooling coupled with the current oil situation. PEOPLE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO AFFORD TO HEAT THEIR HOMES! PEOPLE WILL FREEZE TO DEATH IN THEIR HOMES! Just wait. Please Mr. Chavez won't you donate some more of your Venezualan oil to the poor people of America. Joe Kennedy needs your help to heat their homes.

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Climate Chaos said...

They are also using the new world term "climate chaos". Thus, they can claim anything.