Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hillary has challenged the Big O to a debate Lincoln-Douglas style. No moderator, just the two of them going at it for ~90 minutes on whatever they want to talk about. Actually, I think that this could be a good thing, I wish that more debates were in this style, we actually may get some substantive dialogue rather than the made for the evening news soundbites that we get with every "debate" that we get nowadays. Actually, this is something that Newt Gingrich has been pushing for a while now. Maybe the challenge to this is how do you package it for television? God forbid something like this goes up against American Idol or Dancing with the Stars, sadly it would get trounced because this is what passes for entertainment now. Newt's solution was rather than broadcast it on tv, he put debates that he had conducted in this style on his website. Those that were interested could go to the site and watch the debate. Maybe he's on to something here. You can find transcripts of the Lincoln-Douglas debates here .

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