Tuesday, April 15, 2008


As tax day came near, I was inspired by fellow blogger ‘Why Me’ to post a note regarding the aforementioned fair tax. I am a supporter of the fair tax and hope to persuade my 1 reader to join the fair tax coalition. I believe that the fair tax is an equitable approach to taxes. The current system is set up to ensure that a markedly small portion of the population benefit from their ability to understand and manipulate the tax code.

For me, it is a simple thought. Why wouldn’t I want to control where and how my money is spent? Why should I be penalized for saving money to buy a home, a car or for my retirement? Well, in my humble opinion, I should not. Yet again, the tax man took me to task for saving money. I don’t understand. Who came up with this system?

Anyway, if any of our readers get a chance, I recommend your support for the Fair Tax bill circulating in Congress. I believe that it will teach us that greater control of our own destinies will be a benefit to the country. People will be able to determine which course is best for them and the government will have to live with the economic will of the people.

I feel that all of this is important as we approach the upcoming election. We have a choice between two parties:

Tax and Spend
Borrow and Spend

For me, none of the above.

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