Friday, March 7, 2008

As if we needed another reason to abolish the IRS

In a news story just released a few hours ago the IRS is mailing letters to the taxpayers who will be receiving a rebate check thanks to George W's brilliant economic stimulus plan this year. The cost of this postage? $42 million dollars thank you USPS. Why the hell didn't they use that friggin "Forever" stamp??
Did we even try to outsource this to UPS or Fed Ex? Hey you could even email my notification, better yet why do you need to notify me at all? Doesn't it take some of the mystery away whenever you go to the mailbox? It's almost like Christmas whenever I open that thing, what bill did I get today? What lending company wants me to consolidate my loans today? How many more times is Cox going to try to get me to bundle my internet/cable services with their telephone would save me money, never mind the fact that I would be paying MORE than I am now.
If you filed a tax return in 2006, you'll be getting one of these jewels in your box soon. Paid for by the U.S. guvment, as in, me and you, and you, and you over there hiding, oh yeah Uncle Sam sees you too. But wait, this 42 mill DOES NOT include mailings that will be mailed out later which will go to those who did not file tax returns for 2006, but may still be eligible, such as some on Social Security, and some who receive veterans benefits. The point of this mailing (besides wasting tax payer dollars, oh it's ok it's just paper the guvment can print standard anyone?) is twofold. One is to remind people to file your taxes for 2007(??!!), and the other is to inform people of how the tax rebates work, they want to reduce the confusion that the masses will be experiencing. This is good, can't wait, ya know anytime I see a check in my mailbox I'm confused about what to do with it unless it comes with an instruction manual.
I personally don't think that this stroke of economic brilliance is going to help things much. Give us money, in hopes that we go spend it? I think I remember Mike Huckabee talking about this and actually nailing it on the head (he did that once or twice, but then there was the whole "I'm taking back this country for Jesus" thing, and the report cards that he sent home to parents in Arkansas telling them that their kids were fat, come on Mike a little decorum please, they already know, they're fat too, the only exercise that they get is the race over who can get to that last Twinkie first). Anyway, he questioned whose economy was really benefitting here, if we all run out and buy stuff, say, oh I don't know a big screen Sony television, or a Playstation 3, or some other item manufactured in a foreign country for a foreign company (which pretty much excludes nothing) wouldn't China (or whatever country)ultimately benefit from that?
Besides, aren't we always being chastised for not saving enough? By the way, there is a word that I'm thinking of right now, and it rhymes with hypocrisy, oh wait, I'm sorry I gave it away, the word IS hypocrisy...42 million dollars? To explain what to do with a check? If you don't know what to do with yours email me, I'll give you a forwarding address for that check. It will all be taken care of for you.
If this is just to ridiculous to believe 1) remember this is government 2) remember this is the, so far, fantastically, fiscally responsible George W 3)if all that does not help, then the link is provided below, read (and weep) for yourself.

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Pirate Irish Eddie said...

Stimulus package to help the pitiful people of America and the economy. Thanks to the media and how they have overblown this whole recession story. Yes, I myself was out of work for four months, but I was fired in part to do with a bad bad attitude, not solely (sp)to blame on a recession. Sure people are getting laid off like I was, but I had saved my money for a rainy day for just such a thing! I was smart enough and frugal enough that I could of gone for three more months. Other people spend their money on TV's and fancy clothes. I don't. I conserve, save and invest. And I prepare for a rainy day. It's called an emergency- it's kind of like the extra food in the trunk of my car or the extra ammo I have- in case of an emergency. Self reliance in all aspects of life- from financial self reliance to disaster self reliance. Self reliance- like our forefathers intended. Folks, do you not see how our fine governemt handled Katrina before and after the fact. Everyone of those stranded people relied on the nany state govement to bail them out of the mess they were in..... kind of like now. The Mortgage crisis- for the govment to even contemplate bailing folks out of their bad descions on buying a house that they can not afford is ridiculous- it's called personal responsibility. Not governemt responsibility. Grow up America. This is trully the Nation of dolts.
42$million on postage? Wow- reminds me of the Seinfeld issue were Kramer watched a campaign to dissolve the Post Office. Wilfred Brimley played an excellent Post Master General. 42$mill to explain tot eh govment educated masses of Amerika the reason for this rebate. If folks don't watch enough TV as it is and can't pick up on the situation, then we have truly plummeted in our society.