Tuesday, March 25, 2008

US toll in Iraq reaches 4000

For my libertarian readers:

I wish to discuss an issue that has become a divisive topic in the United States. Over the weekend, our nation mourned the lost of Soldier #4,000. It is a sad day for our nation at any time a citizen is lost. I have said from the beginning, and I will repeat it again, our nation should not be in Iraq.

I agree with the statement by a DoD spokesman following the release of this story, "No casualty is more or less significant than another; each soldier, marine, airman and sailor is equally precious and their loss equally tragic." I hope that our nation recognizes our fault and begins to pay greater respect to those who have been lost. Why is it that when President Ford died, all flags were hung at half-mast, yet, when a soldier dies, there is nothing more than an update of the statistics?

I disagree with Senator McCain, that our policy should remain the same until we can stabilize Iraq. In my opinion, it is time to leave. It is time to discuss foreign policy in the United States. It is time to discuss whether or not our country should pursue interventionist vs. non-interventionist policies. It is time to discuss, what will benefit our nation? A $1 trillion war or a promotion of realpolitik.

Where is the Mr. Kissinger who said, "America doesn't have friends, America only has interests"? What is in our interest in Iraq? Oil? Al Qaeda? Well, oil exports have been weak and Bin Laden is still alive.

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Tim Niland said...

Well said. I was equally disgusted with Mr. Cheney, who lamely defended these deaths by stating "they chose to serve." Yes, they chose, but they also trusted their government not to send them into a meat-grinder with no plan as to how to end the war once it began. The purpose of the American military should to be defend its citizens, not to be used in some half-baked psuedo imperialist scheme that cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars.