Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Big Night?

Well this could be an interesting night. We may see the further coronation of Obama (who is not a muslim...as far as I know...is that clear yet?) or we may see the Hildabeast come out and throw a significant wrench in things. Right now Real Clear Politics has Obama with 1392 delegates and Hillary with 1279. She has a 7 % point lead in Ohio, and a 2% lead in Texas. If that holds true and she takes both things could really get entertaining here. Texas has 193 delegates and Ohio has 141. She also has a slight lead in the superdelegates as of right now. I think the whole super delegate thing is something that I'll get into in another posting. Obama is ~6170,000 votes ahead in the popular vote, but who knows what tonight will bring. Personally, I want Hill to take both Texas and Ohio, not because of any deep fondness that I have for her, but because I really want to see this thing drag out. My dream for this situation is that Obama wins the popular vote, but Hillary gets more of the electoral college, ..uh I mean the super delegates to swing her way, and she gets the nomination. Should that situation arise would the libs scream about how Hillary had stolen the election, much like many of them still cry about how Bush stole the election? Kind of ironic, huh? The Demos tearing themselves apart like over something like this. This is my hope, this is my dream.

It looks like the media is finally starting to ask Obama "tough questions". He apparently does not have a very good answer to give regarding whether or not someone from his campaign has been on the phone with Canada settling their nerves about what Barack Hussein (whoops I forgot that it's now illegal to use his middle name) Obama has been saying about NAFTA. Apparently, he is just stumping for the people on this topic, don't worry Canada he does not mean anything that he is saying. He stammered a bit about this today, could not give a coherent answer, and then left after answering a few questions (well sort of answering) because he was running late for something. FINALLY, make the guy answer questions of substance. Virtually nobody that supports him can really name anything that he has done, well of course he wants change. But what does that mean??!! Change for a dollar? I'll break that bill for you Barack if you'll just take your socialist wife off the stage. Better yet, keep her on the stage. The more she talks the more insight she gives. Of course we've heard about how for the first time in her life she's proud of her country, how old is she? She has told people to not go onto corporate America, take lower paying jobs that are based on service to your community!! That's good for the economy. Today she said that America is a mean country. After the tsunami in Indonesia, what country provided the most aid, financial and otherwise? Anytime there is a tragedy in the world America is by and large the primary provider of aid. Whether they are our friends or not, sometimes they take our money and then stab us in the back at the first opportunity. Oooh we're are soooo meeeeaaaann!!!

Change is a very vague term. Change can be for the better, but it can be for the worse. I think that the change that either Hussein or Rodham has in mind is going to be detrimental for this country. I'm no fan of McCain, Thompson was my guy, but I don't know if even Fred supported Fred. McCain is the nominee for the Republicans, like it or not, (I don't but..) what it comes down to is do I vote for the person that I disagree with ~100% of the time, or the person that I disagree with ~40-50% of the time (sigh).

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