Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daily's-March 20th,2008

English is apparently OK , as is freedom of speech

Thank God we don’t live under Islamic Law, there would be no Freedom of speech ….
Released on the Fifth Anniversary to the Invasion of Iraq- me thinks this is an old tape, as there is not mention of that

Freedom of Speech in America-wish there was open season on Hippies in America, no limit

Pop Culture

Would Higher Wages at Wal-Mart Really Help?

I call Bullshit- Harvard Study: Nice Guys Finish First I’ve been nice my whole live and have gotten laid …twice…ok, ok allright damnit ..once it was a blow up doll. This Study is just a Liberal school telling everyone to “play nice” Bulshit Bullhit Bullshit

Felony Charges for Killing a pet goose? A little excessive?

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