Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today in USA History
In 1804, the Louisiana Purchase was divided into the Territory of Orleans and the District of Louisiana.

Big Differences in these floods and New Orleans Katrina floods- the victims- or those that fight from being a victim “ 100 volunteers held back the flow by building sandbag barriers.”

How much for a consensus You know a headcount? 11Billion- with a B

If you have time-lots and lots- read the article- in light of the the Supreme Court's opinion in Medellin v. Texas. -(Abstract of the Abstract
= “……courts will end up enforcing international legal rules that are likely to be systematically inferior to the domestic rules they displace.” )

The arrogance of the ruling elite

Entitlements Entitlements Entitlements all for the “general welfare” as our Founders put it. Entitlements are not general- they are specific. The taxes that create these entitlements are general- general to those that work and pay taxes.

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