Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Stupid kids support Obama

I was flipping the tv stations this morning before I left to begin my daily commute into D.C. when I came upon Fox and Friends. I used to watch this show all the time, but I have come to the point where I can't stand to watch very much of it at once due to the sheer banality of it. However, since the local news went to a commercial, and I can't stand to watch commercials, I wound up watching these putzes for a few minutes this morning. Anyway, I went to bed before the final returns came in last night, and can I say way to go Hildabeast!! Of course, the way the delegates fell out Obama has a slight lead, and things are still interesting.
So while I was watching Fox and Friends they went to Frank Luntz (another fat head that I'm getting sick of seeing) and one of his focus groups. This one was a group of "young people" that support Obama. Of course the inevitable question came to them, what legislation has Obama passed/supported that makes you want to support him? It was at this point that I think I felt my eyeballs nearly explode (it's a good think that I don't have glaucoma or else the increase in my already elevated intraocular pressure would have ruptured my orbits, and there would have been vitreous humor all over the place). One "young person" actually started describing a time when Obama made a speech in Chicago, and she was impressed with how APATHETIC he was towards the poor/homeless people!! APATHETIC!! I'm assuming that this idiot meant EMPATHETIC, but I think she was actually PATHETIC. This girl does not even know what apathetic means, no clue. Her voter registration card should have been revoked right there on the spot, immediately, and then she should have been sent to a remedial English class because she obviously did not get it the first time around.
Needless to say, nobody could name anything that Obama has done, oh there was the oblivious comments about how inspiring he is, what a great speaker, blah blah blah. The next idiot, I mean "young person" to speak gave a highly enlightening argument about how it is better that Obama does not have a voting record. What was her brilliant argument, her checkmate, her astute counterpoint? Here it is..ya ready? She informed us that we should consider what the Republicans did to John Kerry because of his voting record. They used it against him!!!!! (gasp, shock and awe!!) Using a politicians voting record against them? Well that's not fair is it? Judging a politician, a servant of the people, by the decisions that they make which impact the lives of the people that they are screwing, I mean serving. So it's better that B. Hussein O. does not have a voting record, that could possibly be used against him, it's to the benefit of the country that we elect somebody president when we don't know where they stand on anything except forced healthcare run by the guvment, because guvment does such a GREAT job of running things, and organizing things, and generally all around !&@$ing things up!
A few weeks ago on another Frank Luntz focus group (this time on Hannity and Colmes) Hannity asked the same question as above, I think this was the first time that I had heard anyone ask a group of O (no not Oprah, calm down she does not have a car to give away)supporters this question. The first three women drew an absolute blank, the fourth one, after stammering for a few seconds said "his experience with the elderly"!!?? After that a guy proudly says "he's a great ORATATOR like Jessie Jackson". I think we have a second spot filled for that remedial English class.
There is one voice in the liberal wilderness that I've come across that is apparently gullible enough to be a lib but not quite gullible enough to fall under O's spell, check out his article here:

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Pirate Irish Eddie said...

Hey Matey, I ave to agree with ye on the insepid stupid sewaged students from Ohio University that appeared on Fox and Freinds. And thank God that they had the fox, Allison Cameratta(sp?) there to ask the tough questions. I on the other hand like me friends at Fox and Friends and think the banter is humorous. It's like waking up to a friend- "My God, I sound like an advertisement I heard about ABC morning News years ago- excuse me while I lean over me rail and puke."
These kids apparently represent a 1/4 or a 1/3 (a large portion) of America and their ignorance showed yesterday. But what is frightening is how many people picked up on this ignorance...Would people look at them and say- "Wow.. these are college edumicated folks- they must be smart!" Apathetic indeed!!! They did sound like the round of fools that is typical of the American voter, basing rock star status above principles. I remember a few months ago a TV head asked a woman who she was voting for and why- she replied "John Edwards... because I like his hair." This woman clearly had no idea the threat we face from terrorist abroad or here, had no clue as to the tax rate she is paying, knows not anything about her state constitution or couldn't even name her representatives in Washington. She was basing a vote on looks!! And worse the TV head thought it was cute!! But the difference between this voter and the students were that the students were guided by UMA - Ultimate Moral Authority. That they think and know what is best for their fellow man or woman. Just like a lot of Dems. Jus tlike Hitler, just like Stalin, just like Lennon Guided by an altruistic principle of peace and prosperity, equality. Excuse me while I throw up again. We had those before the islamist attacked us. And to hear their answers- not being able to name an accomplishment other than voting against the Iraq War... I love to see them stammer and avoid the question and say something completely different. The audacity (not of Hope) for that one girl to say that she remember a speech back in Chicago... she painted a picture that BO was non Washington insider, that he was not corrupted by politics. Anyone who is anyone knows that Chicago/Illinois politics is second in line to corruption to Louisiana /Na'leans politics- though that is changing down there at the Big Easy thanks to my boy Bobby Jindal!! She said then when the next news story was of Tony Rezo (sp) and his dealings with BO. These college students try to portray BO in s white robe with a halo. I got word for you college kids, he's got shit smeared all over that white robe and he is no angel. The girl that said that non sense about his opponents attacking his non record- what a moron!! I would like to shut that chubby blondes up by stuffing me .... er uh .... never mind ye now. I'd have her walk the plank. BO is a snake charmer and snake oil salesman in one. He is the biggest con artist I have ever seen in my life and his followers are the biggest lemmings that are being driven over the cliff.