Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily's- March 13th, 2008

Gubment School wellness policy leads to suspension from school

Student/Gun Owner expelled/Rights Violated regardless of the 2nd Admen.

More Gubment schools dictating what the little kids can/canot wear

“Safe storage requirement makes it pretty hard to use any gun for self-defense, except maybe as a club.

Hollyweird part 1
Not anything political or constitutional, but ……..Hollywood Hypocrisy

Hollyweird Part 2
Somewhat related to the constitution and the knowledge of it- Foreign born actress gets US citizenship and is grateful …. It takes a bit of work to get something worthwhile. I helped an immigrant study for his test one time-it's more than you would think. This is the stuff they should teach in public schools.

Coming to America, not the Eddie Murphy Movie, but rather freedom of speech vrs freedom or relgion(ous toleracy)

The United States of America- no one is trying to leave

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