Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daily's-March 18th,2008

Today is the day the DC Gun Ban Case gets to the High Court to Be heard- we shall see...........

From Cato institute –Court Preview of DC Gun Ban
All the other Rights on the Bill are-why wouldn’t this be an individual right?

Today in History:
The British Parliament repeals the Stamp Act in 1766.

It’s not the courts place, - let the markets and parental control decide what is proper and what is not

Gubment schools embarrassing students- making them go to the bathroom in the most unlikely places

An example of our freedom of speech, but I still got to call ‘em Damn Hipppies

More global warming- oh wait…- it’s 85 years late

How to order a pizza…..if you must

Muslim leaders want to curb 'Islamophobia'-Here’s an Idea- stop killing!

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